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Walk in ready to WIN! Identify your unique strengths and weaknesses and discover how to use them to stand out from the crowd — both in person and on paper!




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From the comfort of your home you complete the Caliper Profile, one of the most trusted and scientifically-based personality assessments available. With close to 60 years of ongoing research and refinement based on over 4.5 million people completing the assessment, the profile provides predictive accuracy for over 20 personality traits.




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We will present you (either in person or virtual) with themes and trends regarding your highly individualized assessment of “what makes you tick.” The debrief will home in on three distinct areas: Traits, Behaviors, and Team Styles.

We will then gain agreement on what is needed to better present yourself as well as produce better performance. These findings are beneficial to you as job application add-ons, personal improvements, and ongoing individual and team interactions in the workplace.




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Based upon the “real-life” context of your situation, our strategies are concrete, easy to implement and measurable for you to gauge your success. The work is based on your reality, not hypothetical situations.

Spend a Little Money to Earn Much More. Spend a Little Time to Improve Your Lifetime. Commit to Succeed NOW!

Innerview Insights

Understand what "makes you tick" to present your best self.

$ 295
One-time Purchase
  • On-line personality profile
  • Expert debrief of findings
  • Actionalble steps for when communication counts

Innerview Strategies

Additional 1-on-1 strategic planning component

$ 495
One-time Purchase
  • On-line personality profile
  • Expert debrief of findings
  • Actionalble steps for when communication counts
  • 1-on-1 in-depth strategic planning

Innerview Has Helped People Succeed Within Organizations Such as These:

ProMotion Career Management has assessed over 10,000 personalities over the years. The accuracy of our data, our interpretation of it, and our implementations from it truly are second to none.

That is no doubt why a tremendous amount of our client list includes word-of-mouth references either from one department to another within a company, or someone from one company who recommended us to an associate in another.

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About Us

Through our extensive background in both executive search and leadership assessment we have developed a facile ability to mentor clients and start planning the optimal course for their career ambitions.

We have conducted numerous talent advisory engagements ranging from building teams for world-class companies to being commissioned to doing studies focusing on successful leaders in those companies. Our clients and network include global leaders in a number of industries, and we have enjoyed professional and personal relationships with some of these executives for over 15 years.

Our in-depth expertise across executive search, assessment, and talent management makes us uniquely qualified to offer career agent services for business leaders and their employers throughout their careers.

Benefits for You:

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Taking, understanding, and reinforcing your individual results can fundamentally change your personal and professional life. The insights into your behavioral strengths can fast-track you into better relationships and roles. And the blind spots we uncover can help you avoid the pitfalls that are slowing down your growth.

We will engage in private discussions about your personal traits, as well as the proven behavioral strategies you can employ to maximize and minimize accordingly.

All of this is done with third-party confidentiality and objectivity during our sessions that reveal and focus behaviors — and that ultimately seal them in for “sticky” future success.

“I acquired a deep understanding my personal strengths and growth areas for improving my performance within and outside of work. 

“You also helped me create specific actions that improved the perception of my capabilities from those with whom I interact with routinely.”

“You’ve helped me better understand the culture and thought processes of the Western world. This has made me communicate more efficiently in the business world.

“I now have perspectives that have helped me personally reflect and improve quite a lot.  Your candid suggestions and workable ideas have helped me present myself more professionally, pleasantly, and successfully to others.”

“You helped me see that I respond too quickly to questions and comments — frequently interrupting — and why that is.

“By your suggesting that I ask further questions before responding, it not only forced me to listen more carefully; it help me communicate more effectively and responsibly. 

“This single improvement (and there were others!) has been invaluable to me during interviews, work discussions, and considerations for promotions within organizations.”

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